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Become a member - and find it easier online!

"Your friendly hosts, Neustadt" is a local community of hosts that has existed since 1987 and offers their hosts certain unique selling points and advantages so that they can be found more easily online:  

  1. increased probability of occupancy of own holiday flats and guest rooms
  2. Knowledge advantage through continuous information and further training
  3. Representation of host interests at the Tourist Information Office
  4. Consulting and support in advertising and marketing by experienced agency partners
  5. additional online presence(s), i.e. detailed, illustrated accommodation profiles on the host search portal ifg-neustadt.de
  6. social coexistence within the association
  7. increased visibility of the own homepage due to links
  8. shared mail distribution for external booking requests and internal routing of requests when hosts need to reject booking requests

With many online search inquiries to the topic vacation, overnight accomodation, vacation home and guest room (inclusive similar terms and spellings) with geographical purchase to Pfalz, wine route, Neustadt and the respective wine villages our local on-line search portal www.ifg-neustadt.de is prominently visible in Google. We can hold our own online in the face of the flood of large supra-regional marketing portals. These large portals are also relatively expensive for hosts. The IFG membership costs only a fraction of it, because economically the association is not aimed at making a profit, but at cost recovery.

On social interaction (see 6): We recommend personal participation in the annual general meeting in spring. In addition, we usually organise one to two regulars' tables or one excursion a year.

The host association, which has existed since 1987, has had the name "YOUR FRIENDLY GUESTS Neustadt an der Weinstraße e.V.", abbreviated as follows, since 2013: IFG Neustadt/Weinstr.. The association would like to promote tourism and support its members in occupying their holiday flats, guest rooms and transitional flats.

>> Download declaration of accession (as ZIP file)

Download instructions:
1. save the ZIP file in a directory of your choice on your hard disk. By default, the directory "Download" is usually suggested.
2. change to the directory, click with the RIGHT mouse button on the saved ZIP-file and select in the opening help menu (relatively far up): "extract all" - afterwards confirm "extract" (or Enter-key).
3. a directory was created which opens with the three files packed in it. The two PDF files are for your information.
4. Please fill in the Word file and forward it to the IFG Executive Board.

>> New IfG - Articles of Association and IfG - Declaration of Accession - from 1.1.2020

1. IfG - Satzung Download
2. IfG - Beitrittserklärung Download